Wealth Strategy

At RiverGlades, we see investing not as an end in itself, but rather as a tool. Used thoughtfully and skillfully, it's one that can help our clients achieve their uniquely personal definitions of success.

Goals-Based Investing

Our investment objective is simple: To protect your wealth and enable you to achieve your goals. Rather than take unnecessary risks to achieve arbitrary returns, we believe investors should seek to fund well-defined goals, undertaking the minimum risk necessary to do so.

Each investment portfolio is designed based on a detailed understanding of the client's situation and objectives—both for the present and the long term. Our integrated investment strategies take into account every detail of your financial profile, including your time horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and tax situation.

Optimized Portfolios

With your objectives clearly defined, we build an investment portfolo that is both solid enough to protect your capital and flexible enough to seize tactical market opportunities. Your long-term "policy portfolio" provides for your targeted return based on historical averages and investment correlations.

A shorter-term allocation targets tactical opportunities within a six-to-twelve month period. Based on analysis of the global macro-economic outlook, underlying market fundamentals, and a review of current technical indicators, the tactical allocation allows us to tilt the portfolio's positioning in an effort to generate additional return without significantly increasing risk.

Market Exposure and Alpha Generation

At RiverGlades, we believe that the more liquid an asset class is, the more efficient its market is and the less "alpha" or above-market return, is available to investors. In the publicly traded equity markets, we would rank the domestic large-cap space as highly efficient, for example. That helps to explain why many portfolio managers fail to regularly outperform the S&P 500.

On the other hand, less efficient markets--such as small-cap and emerging market equities--may because of their lesser liquidity offer greater opportunity for capturing alpha. By understanding and carefully leveraging the dynamics of different asset classes within your portfolio, we seek to skillfully balance capital preservation with the ability to meet your goals.  

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