Outsourced CIO

For families and not-for-profits looking specifically for investment advice or assistance with portfolio oversight, RiverGlades offers an outsourced “Chief Investment Officer” solution.

Affluent Families

Families that have an existing network of investment advisors, legacy portfolios with low costs basis positions, or restricted stock, incentive stock options, and non-qualified stock option positions may benefit from the coordination of the overarching strategies. In these situations, RiverGlades may advise as to optimal overall allocation, evaluating manager selection, investigation of fees including “all in” totals and potentially negotiating lower fees with third party managers, comprehensive risk analysis, and introductions to alternative investment solutions.


Often we have found well-meaning volunteer board members tasked with the oversight of significant amounts of “other peoples’ money.” These board members may have a background in finance but still find it challenging at times to take the appropriate steps to maximize the results of the organization’s endowment for fear of real or perceived liability. In these situations, RiverGlades is able to work with the board or investment committee to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution while at the same time relieving the board members of any potential feelings of guilt in the event the investment markets don’t cooperate.

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