Why Choose Us

Wealthy families and institutions with complex investment portfolios require an expert, trusted partner. At RiverGlades, we believe we are uniquely positioned to be that partner.

A Powerful Ally

RiverGlades provides strategic wealth management and customized investment services to wealthy individuals, families, and endowments, with high-touch, boutique-quality service.

Our team has extensive experience empowering clients to identify and achieve their distinctive goals and to create impressive legacies. We are your leading edge thought partner, powered by the research, tools and technology to help you succeed.

Independent and Objective

Employee-owned and fiercely independent, RiverGlades operates under the Fiduciary Standard requiring that our clients' interests always be put before our own. Our recommendations are formulated to enable you to reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Local and Accountable

RiverGlades isn't part of some distant parent company's strategic growth plan. We are as local as the distinctive wetlands originally known as the River Glades. Our team is passionate about serving our neighbors, and we are committed to helping you succeed for generations forward.

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